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The Camp


Each camp will begin on the first day at 8:30am with registration. At 9am we start the camp off with basic skill testing to help us create the most ideal groups for each camper's abilities. Once these groups are created they will then be assigned a coach that is best suited to that group's abilities.


Why Our Camp Works

What separates our camps from the others is our coaches abilities to break down each individual skills to its most basic level to help each child improve. Given our coaches playing experiences from all over the world, they have different drills and approaches used by some of the most elite coaches through out the world.


Daily Skill Sessions

Each day our coaches will instruct their groups for up to 6 hours of skill coaching per day. This guarantees each camper a chance to not only learn each skill but to have the time and coaching needed to create the proper habits to improve their individual abilities.


Specific Skill Sessions

During the week there will be skill sessions dedicated entirely to each camper's specific position of choice. Once they have chosen a position our coaches will teach them more advanced techniques and skills used by professionals.


Game Play

At the end of each day, the campers will be given a chance to use the new techniques learned during the day in a game play situation. The game play will range from coach controlled scenarios to straight game play with only verbal input from coaches.The camp will finish with a mini tournament that lasts the entire session.



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